Why Study Abroad in China?

PESi's China Program is a Life-Transforming, Skill-Building Experience

Studies have shown that there are distinct benefits to studying overseas. It helps to develop students for their career. It also prepares them for intercultural living in an age of globalization.

Our China Study Program provides these major benefits and will help you discover yourself and your purpose and role in an increasingly interdependent, multicultural world. We provide an intense and profound learning experience that will stimulate and challenge you and expand your worldview, as well as exciting opportunities for traveling and making new friends.

Study abroad is not just an investment of time, energy, and finances for one summer. Nor is it an experience that fades over time. It is a long-term investment that will grow and enhance your every day life for decades to come. We will not only guide you in your study abroad experience, and craft it to be the best experience it could be, but we will teach you how to apply what you have learned and experienced during our programs to your greatest benefit.

We invite you to take this international journey with us. We will walk with you as you explore a new cultural landscape and will give you the tools to make your summer in China a life-transforming experience.

"Today, America's national security and our competitive ability are increasingly dependent on our relations and understanding of the rest of the world. Educational exchanges with foreign countries and the study of foreign languages are essential to our cultural diplomacy and an excellent way for young people to gain valuable experience that will aid them throughout their lives."

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman        Richard G. Lugar