Academic Program


The academic program is conducted during a 6-week period while in residence on the Fudan University campus. The academic core of the China Study Program consists of the following courses:

China & World Affairs: International Relations and Economics (4 Credits)

This seminar addresses China’s emerging role as a major power and its integration in the world community. Both Chinese and Western perspectives of international relations and economics are explored along with major aspects of Sino-American relations from 1949 to the present. Students will learn how differences in history, political ideologies, social systems, and religious worldviews have contributed to understanding and misunderstandings on each side, thus shaping current US-China relations.

The core of the course is a lecture series given by Fudan University professors. Some lectures will be given by American diplomats, business executives and professionals who are knowledgeable in their fields. Lectures are supplemented by required readings, tutorials and field visits that will enable students to better appreciate the realities behind the course materials presented in the lectures. The course will provide a total of 60 or more hours of instruction.

For more information on course content and field trips, download the course syllabus.

Elementary Chinese (4 credits)

This 80-hour language course is designed for students with minimal or no knowledge of Chinese. Students will be taught the language skills needed for the daily tasks and social demands of living in China so they will have better access to the host culture and gain more from their China experience.

Formal classroom instruction is provided by native-speaking Fudan University professors using oral proficiency methods. This instruction is supplemented by discussions, films, cultural excursions and field exercises, all designed to enable the beginning student to conduct basic conversations in Chinese.

For more information on the course content, download the course syllabus.


Intermediate Chinese (4 credits)

This course may be taken instead of the beginning level course upon special arrangement. Please contact our office to discuss this option. Enrollment in this course will require previous Chinese language study and a Language Reference Form completed by a Chinese language instructor demonstrating your level of proficiency.

For more information on the course content, download the course syllabus.