Academic & Professional Exchange

“Let China join the world community. Let the world understand China.” 

This is the ubiquitous slogan on billboards all over China during the 1990’s when she was pushing for progress under the Reform & Open Door Policy. The slogan articulates a vital part of PESi’s vision and mission in our work with China from the beginning.

In the early to mid-nineties when information in the West was less accessible to China’s science and technology community, PESi sponsored conferences and seminars that brought North American professionals and academics to meet their Chinese counterparts in mutually beneficial exchange.

As early as 1990-92, we introduced network technology to China’s IT professionals. In collaboration with a number of Chinese professional societies, PESi organized nationwide conferences on medicine, nuclear power plant safety, food technology, business ethics, and other fields.

As China advances in science, technology and market economy, there is also the need for development in the humanities. Working with the academic sector in recent years, PESi has directed more resources to support research, translation and publication in the fields of literature, social and religious studies.

Over the years, PESi has facilitated library and equipment donations to Chinese institutions. We have also brought many visiting professors to China. Quite a few among them have received honorary faculty appointments from Chinese universities. We have also provided funding for sabbatical studies in the U.S. for Chinese academics. It is encouraging to see fruitful exchange and collaboration when academics from East and West meet.

In this era of globalization, cultural influences from the West have impacted the Chinese people significantly, especially the younger generation. It is our desire that they will appreciate how both the accomplishments and mistakes of the West could serve as useful references for China in her quest for modernization.