About Us


Board Members:

  • Kenneth P. Chin, M.D. Founder & President of PESi, Mountain View, California
  • John Hui, Ph.D. Co-founder & Former CTO of Pericom, Milpitas, California
  • Bo-In Lin, Ph.D., J.D. Principal, Law Offices Of Bo-In Lin, Los Altos, California
  • John P. Shen, Ph.D. Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

China Intercultural Studies Program Advisors:

  • Fred J. Hickernell, Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Peggy Hsieh, Professor, Florida State University
  • H. Wayne Martindale, Professor, Wheaton College
  • Yum-Tong Siu, Professor, Harvard University
  • Ronald Waite, Professor Emeritus, Gordon College
  • Dick Yue, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PESi was founded in 1988 by a group of professionals and educators from the Los Angeles area. We are registered in the State of California and with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit education service organization.

We are dedicated to international development through educational exchange and professional service. As a non-profit organization founded by Chinese Americans, we are especially interested in promoting understanding and cooperation among the United States, China and other Asian countries.

Committed to professional excellence and Christian principles of service, PESi offers a diverse portfolio of programs in higher education, professional training and cultural exchange. Our vision is to contribute to leadership development in Asia. While we uphold faith-based values in our organization, we do not propagate religious doctrines in our programs.

The great majority of PESi's funding comes from individual contributions, which are tax deductible for our donors. We also receive some grants from businesses, churches and foundations.